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A Boy Named Kirby

"Don't you worry! I'm on it!"

Kirby, or as he calls himself, "Kirby of the Stars" is a young carefree and innocent boy who likes to eat, play and sleep, for these reasons he decided to travel to the kingdom of Dreamland, only to find himself in a mess of things, Kirby is often careless in his actions putting himself in danger for not being aware of what's going on around him, yet this is not his fault but merely a result of him always trying to help those around him.
King Dedede
"This ain't what I asked for! What is this?"

The King of Dreamland, King Dedede. Being the resident of Mt. Dedede with his trusty henchmen, he is known by his people as a smart, wise and knowledgeable ruler, he i always looking out for his people and their needs... but then... why would he steal their food? something's not right here...
"Seems like that won't do the trick."

Marx is King Dedede's entertainment jester, though to his dismay, the king's sense of humor is not particularly an easy one to figure out, he has been thrown out of the castle a huge amount of times, but he won't give up on coming back again and again for the King. He likes to look at the stars and watch the sky at night often contemplating the constellations.
Waddle Dee
"Waddle Dee reporting in, Sire!"

King Dedede's trusty aide, he is really young but he has an incredible amount of faith in the King, believing in him even when he is wrong, he sees him as sort of a parental figure, Waddle Dee is always alert to anything that happens around him, but is really bad when paying attention to someone other than Dedede. He's a worrysome nut.
Poppy Sr.
"Boom! You're out!"

Poppy Sr. is a resident from Dreamland. He really loves pyrotechnics to the point of being a pyromaniac himself, he is incredibly excitable and jumpy and won't listen to reason when he is angry, he is really propense to jumping to conclusions and more often than not is really stubborn that he is right.
Cappy and Poppy Jr.
"Poppy, where are your manners?"

Cappy is Poppy Sr.'s wife and Poppy Jr.'s mother, she's quite harsh and strict with her husband and son when it comes to treating others and manners, but she herself is quite easy to surprise and fairly weak when it comes to extreme situations or big shocks, she's really gentle and polite. Poppy Jr. has the politeness of his mother but the wrecklessness of his father, so he tends to act without thinking but tries to treat others with the deserved respect. He really cares about his mom and is amazed by his dad, he loves to play with the boomerang.
Bronto Burt
"Seriously?! What now?!"

Bronto Burt is the spokesperson in charge of carrying the messages of the Main town in Dreamland over to the King, he goes to the castle on very rare ocassions and normally uses a messaging system to Communicate with Waddle Dee without having to physically be there. He normally always assumes he's right and he's very confident in what he does, yet he questions anything that doesn't go with him and tries to always remain calm though he can't always achieve that.
Lololo & Lalala
"We love to play! We really do!"

Lololo & Lalala are two strange kids living inside the Castle Lololo, they are looked after by the King and are mysterious in every aspect you look at them from. They love to play and eventually they will turn everything into a game no matter how serious the situation, they have really inconsistent speech patterns.


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